Student Work:

Rebuilding a Pulse Oximeter

Sukky Nd-Ezuma

My project is on a medical device known as a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a device used to check the oxygen level in the blood. This device uses two lights the RED and Infrared Light(IR Light) and a sensor that measures the amount of light passing through the blood. Recently, it was discovered by FDA during the covid-19 pandemic that a lot of wrong data was gotten from this device when used on a Person of Color compared to Caucasians. My hypothesis is that these lights are absorbed by the skin color before reaching the blood for data collection which results in giving inaccurate data. I intend on rebuilding the pulse oximeter and deduce a way to make the data more accurate for everyone.

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Voice-Controlled Drone

Pratikshya Prasai

My project is to create a voice-controlled and object-recognizing drone. Object recognition is a computer technique used for finding and identifying objects by feeding in the data of an object and make the machine learn how to identify it. For example, after my project is completed, I should be able to command my drone to find someone and click a picture of them. It would search around its environment to identify the person and then fulfill the command.

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Voice-Controlled Dispenser

Karla Gonzalez

For my project I am creating a voice control dispenser for those who are visually impaired; This way they can control the quantity they would like to measure from the dispenser only using a voice command. This would allow the process of measuring substances to be quicker and easier in the kitchen. As the daughter of someone who is visually impaired, I know that a device such as this one could immensely become handy. I will be designing a dispenser for solids such as rice and flour.

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